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long live experience

We create and activate brand experiences that stand out from the crowd. Our expertise in all things experiential and non-traditional promote loyalty and advocacy, bringing people and brands closer. From PR stunts, Product Sampling, Guerrilla and Experiential Event Marketing, we have you covered.


Kommando Case Studies


Technology enables everyone to capture, document and share experiences everywhere and anywhere in real time.

We create unique brand experiences that harness human behaviour and the power of mobile. Our experiential and event technology encourages people to instantly share personal brand engagements as visual communication across social networks.



Loving technology

We believe that technology powers every great experience. That's why we are the only UK agency with it's own in-house R&D team, developing unique technologies and manipulating the rest to create immersive, interactive events that connect brands with digital audiences. 

Our unique innovation and event technologies enhance the depth and reach of brand engagement.



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