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Who isn’t cashing in on the Queen’s Jubilee?

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Just nipped into the local supermarket where EVERYTHING is suddenly covered in celebrations for the Queen’s Jubilee... The brands on supermarket shelves that aren’t taking advantage stick out like a sore thumb!

Alongside any celebration there always seem to be opportunities.

For brands and businesses...Maybe the aim of creating opportunities from celebrations is to boost sales through commemorative merchandise and events or maybe being on trend with popular topics will create an emotional connection with fans. The other reason may just be that the business in general is an advocate of the cause and in this case it's long devoted royalists who want to show their appreciation!

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations take place over the weekend of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of June. Get ready to see a flurry of bunting, flags and cake!

Adverts that irritate you...

Irritating Ads

Adverts that irritate you...
After blogging about the ASA’s top ten most complained about adverts we couldn’t resist posting a few TV adverts which we have found annoying over the years! Looking at research they also appear to have got on a few other spectators nerves!

William Hill

Love Our Banter

William Hill
The world’s biggest bookmaker, William Hill have commissioned Kommando to scower the country for football fans with good banter.

GEMAS Effie MENA Award

Nivea Win Prestigious Marketing Award

GEMAS Effie MENA Award
Nivea, the Beiersdorf-owned skin care brand have received the prestigious GEMAS Effie MENA award for their marketing campaign 'Tough Men Choose Sensitive'.