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Adverts that irritate you

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After blogging about the ASA’s top ten most complained about adverts we couldn’t resist posting a few TV adverts which we have found annoying over the years!

Looking at research they also appear to have got on a few other spectators nerves!

1. Inland Revenue

Can you remember the actress urging you to fill in your tax forms with her catchphrase "Go on, go on, go on"???

The television advert from Inland Revenue, featuring Mrs Doyle from Father ted (Actress Pauline McLynn), was supposed to provide some motherly encouragement to high earners, urging them to fill in their tax forms. Instead of persuading viewers, Mrs Doyle’s scary and obsessive manner aggravated and annoyed! The advert was that bad it was voted the most annoying campaign of 2001!

2. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher ditched its premier ambassador's party theme in favour of attempts at humour in the depiction of a chocolate-obsessed dinner party host and in other countries a dentist who has an abnormal chocolate craving.

The ads were dubbed into English to achieve a true cult status and the line, "Monsieur, wiz zese chocolates you are really spoiling us" - delivered in an European accent of indeterminate origin - became, briefly, a catchy and popular catchphrase.

At one point Ferrero Rocher became known for its so-bad-it's-good advertising, with consumers commenting that the adverts would win awards for cheese and bad dubbing. That being said, we still loved the luxury taste and the sophistication of Ferrero Rocher.

Ferrero Rocher Dinner Party

Ferrero Rocher Obsessive Dentist

3. Go Compare Money Saving

Who can forget the Go Compare money saving television adverts! If you aren’t irritated by the annoying yet catchy jingle then you feel awkward watching the one and only warbling opera singer.

The adverts were voted the most irritating on television for two years in a row, however marketing director Nick Hall feels the campaigns have been a success and commented: “The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness of the brand and ensure that it is front of mind. We’ve certainly achieved that.”

Go Compare Ad

4. Jamie Oliver for Sainsbury’s Ads

Sainsbury's and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver recently called an end to their long-term association. Now it’s time to reflect on the TV chefs trips to Sainsbury’s...

I like Sainsbury’s ranges and Jamie Oliver’s enthusiasm for food but I’ve been out voted on this one, seems that many find the ads quite cheesy.

The boisterous star was brought in to broaden the appeal of cooking to a wider and younger audience. I don’t doubt that this particular relationship recipe has been a success and although irritating has become the supermarket's most successful TV campaign!

A trip to the supermarket with Ant & Dec

Jamie Oliver for Sainsbury's

Maybe the musical Halifax advert set to La Vida Loca, NatWest's whinging customers or Standard Life's talking babies annoyed you. What about non televised campaigns that annoyed you?

Is there no such thing as bad publicity? Advertisers such as Go Compare and McDonalds continue to bring out irritating campaigns but this clearly works for their strategy and target market.

Sometimes causing annoyance is a risk worth taking!

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