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We love to share our knowledge, experience and tips. From the latest Experiential Marketing techniques to the coolest technology, we're on it.

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Mineral Water Experience

Contrex mineral water stunt motivates passers-by...

COI Axing Confirmed

but centralised marketing hub is rejected.

Following Government confirmation, Kommando are disappointed to hear that the Central Office of Information (COI) will definitely be scrapped.

Clever Advertising

CCTV follows a suspicious character

Clean Graffiti

Temporary and environmentally friendly effect

Dead Island

Effective Social Media

Firework displays will illuminate the skies tomorrow while gamers’ screens are lit up by the new zombie video game, Dead Island, which was at the centre of this year’s most talked about and effective video game trailer.

Britvic Lipton Iced Tea

Launches biggest ever sampling campaign

Britvic Lipton Iced Tea
Britvic aims to reach at least 1 million UK consumers this summer with its largest ever sampling campaign.