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Take It Right Outside

Take It Right Outside

Campaign Motivation

Despite changes in Scottish legislation making smoking in public places illegal, many children are still exposed to the dangerous toxins contained in second hand smoke in the place in which they are meant to be the safest – their own home. As smoking is such an entrenched behaviour for so many, the Scottish Government wanted to really drive home the potential damage that smoking in the home – or even at the door or window – can have on children.

What we did

As part of a 5-year programme for tobacco control, an integrated campaign has been carried out across the country featuring TV, radio, print OOH and digital elements. In line with the wider campaign, Kommando has worked in conjunction with the Scottish Government and agencies Story & PixAngels to deliver the experiential and social aspects of the “Take It Right Outside” campaign.

How we did it

A 29 date national tour of various shopping centres, ASDA’s, Tesco’s and community centres combining an emotive augmented reality (AR) experience combined with photo marketing made “the invisible visible” and encouraged people to rethink their smoking habits and “Take It Right Outside” for the sake of their kids.

Through the AR, participants could view their kids in a typical living room scene which would gradually fill with the invisible toxins contained in second hand smoke and often overlooked by smokers. Blackened lungs also appeared to breathe on the child’s chest and helped to deliver the campaign messages in a personalised and immersive way designed to initiate behaviour change in the target audience. The whole experience was also mirrored on a large TV screen, giving passers-by the chance to stop and take in the message too.

After participating in the AR and chatting to brand ambassadors about the dangers and easy tips for avoiding smoking indoors, participants are asked to “Take It Right Outside” through a door in the living room. PixAngels photo marketing then took photographs of families and gifted them in fully branded frames as tangible reminders of their pledge to keep their home smoke free. The images were also instantly uploaded to a bespoke branded gallery on the campaign website from which people could share their pledge across social media and educate others on the lesser known facts about second hand smoke in the home.


10.7K Customer Engagements

1.3K AR Experiences

12.6K Campaign Products Distributed