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Oxfam/ Amnesty Int.

Oxfam/ Amnesty Int.

Oxfam and Amnesty International campaign “Control Arms” centered around a free arms treaty during the global day of gathering when political leaders world-wide were due to gather in London at world-wide embassies in London.

Kommando mobilised video messages and campaign messages across the world, outside the embassies to key world-wide political leaders from the people of their own countries.

The roaming digital campaign saw brand ambassadors wearing exclusive Kommando partners’ technology, NomadiX Screenwalkers, queue up outside selected worldwide embassies in London showcasing video content and messages from those who had signed “The Million Faces” petition and who were calling for an arms-free trade treaty.

The Impact of Kommando marketing generated a massive viral impact with word of mouth and increased awareness of “The Million Faces Petition”. There was live news coverage as well as a pre-filmed report for Channel 4 news.