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“At IVECO, I emphasise again that we are all about giving our customers the best possible ownership experience, Kommando’s activity not only delivered great numbers, in many ways, it has raised the bar, not just with the industry’s perceptions of the brand, but also their expectations about our service. And that’s precisely what we want to be known for.” Bob Lowden, Customer Service Director, UK & Ireland.

IVECO is the global manufacturer of commercial vehicles and one of the top three players in the UK truck market. It’s a heavily saturated sector and one where it is hard to differentiate from competition. In today’s market, IVECO recognises that manufacturers are differentiated less by product, and more by the ability to provide the added value of pre and after-care service.

Kommando created a mobile event campaign to make IVECO stand out from its competitors, in a way that no other form of marketing could achieve.

The award winning campaign saw Kommando bring the IVECO ‘Origin’ customer after-sales programme (best-in-class) to life with an innovative tour of the UK’s major service stations over a period of 20 days devised to target truck drivers in their working environment. The creative solution was a high-impact IVECO truck and trailer that effectively formed a mobile ‘lounge’ for IVECO drivers.

Results At A Glance: There was a massive impact and increase in brand awareness amongst commercial drivers. Over 80,000 people stopped and saw the Origin convoy, and that doesn’t include the people who saw us on the road! We delivered thousands of positive leads during the course of 4 weeks.