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Halifax Launches a Thunderbirds Gamified Experiential Tour

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As part of its latest campaign, Halifax are launching an experiential gaming tour based around Thunderbirds.

In a bid to find new and ground-breaking ways to engage customers, Halifax used interactive gamified technology to tour shopping centres across the UK. The activations aim is to to spread the message that Halifax will give that bit more to ANY type of saver.

In the Halifax gamified experience, you navigate “Thunderbird 3” and collect as many gold coins as possible to gain the highest score. For those playing live in UK shopping centres, the top scorer who 'saves' the most coins each day will win an iPad mini while everyone who plays will win branded Thunderbirds merchandise.

Halifax are using the experiential tour to build excitement and engagement around savings, by using Thunderbirds' characters from their TV advertising campaign they really are trying to bring their savings accounts to life in a fun and interactive manner.

It is great to see another industry that you wouldn't normally associate with experiential marketing trying their hand at it! If you have an experiential project you'd like to chat about, we'd love to hear from you!

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