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TK Maxx - Giant Shopping lands in Glasgow

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Kommando have created an experiential campaign for TK Maxx to launch their latest flagship superstore.

The engaging campaign has generated hype and excitement around the store, which is the largest TK Maxx in country following its opening on Thurs 25th November.

Over the past 2 weeks shoppers have been approached by Kommando promotional staff in the form of TK Maxx hit squads around the streets of Glasgow. The highly trained squads have been distributing promotional collaterals to a target audience and gifting branded ponchos to the busy shopping crowds beginning their Christmas shopping, just the thing for Scotland’s rainy season.

The activity peaked at the weekend when a giant special build bag landed in the city centre, creating the buzz and excitement that Kommando anticipated would follow. In addition to the custom made bag Kommando technology ‘NomadiX’ hand held projectors shone giant TK Maxx advertisements onto various city centre buildings.

More activity was planned for the opening day with Bboy dance crew 'Flying Jalepenos' making an appearance. Kommando brand ambassadors were on hand to drive potential customers into the store, offering free £10 off vouchers and goodie bags to the first 1000 fashionistas, as well as hot chocolate in branded TK Maxx mugs.

Kommando Managing Director Mark Evans said “TK Maxx is an exciting brand and they have received our creative insight and ideas with open arms. This multi date activity is sure to create the hype they are looking for at such a crucial retail focused point of the year. We wish them all the success.”

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