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The 2pm working slump commonly hits office workers as they reach stage where tiredness overcomes and a cat nap is on the cards! Lipton have ceased this opportunity to launch the Office Takeover campaign to pull office workers out of this slump. The campaign includes a beverage station, manicure station, masseuse and ball bit for all the big kids in the office and a DJ hosting their very own “silent disco”. This aims to breakup daily routines and break times to encourage workers to uplift spirits and rejuvenate themselves for the afternoon to come.

The March campaign hit all the “young, vibrant cities” starting in New York and proceeding to Miami, Austin and Los Angeles. As the weather is, supposedly, getting warmer and everybody’s focus is on that summer vacation it is the perfect time for Lipton to launch a campaign supporting the New Sparkling Ice Teas.


Colombia since 2015 has registered with a positive growth rate for health and fitness levels and the government are attempting to increase awareness for self-care and the impact this could have on the citizen’s quality of life. Reebok have transformed 6 bus shelters into Pop-Up Gyms to encourage passers-by to get moving and keep self-care and fitness levels high. Personal trainers are waiting at these stops to put you through you paces with pull ups, pull ups, squats and various fun activities.

Reebok have done their part to keep Colombia fit although from the video Colombia looks eager to push themselves to their limits with waiting on those buses.



To celebrate their return to Cartoon Network Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup took to the sky and sailed over Dubai. Using drone technology Mc & T became the first company to fly fictional characters through the beautiful skyline passing the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The stunt made its mark on the city as kids stared in amazement as the characters flew by but the biggest impact was on the nostalgic 90s kids. When interviewed, those who witnessed, recalled tales of countless times spent watching the programme as young kids.

The Powerpuff Girls are the original representatives of girl power and Vice President of consumer products, Pete Yoder, explains his excitement to introduce them to the new generation of kids. With great content plans ready for airing the president sees the high potential for the girls to succeed in this new generation.



Toyota have joined the long list of major brands to take over Times Square billboards by erecting a rock climbing wall. The 96 foot vertical wall acted as an advertisement for the Toyota all new RAV4 Hybrid “How Far Will You Take It” campaign.  The fully scalable wall had 100 hand holds for the climbers including Rally driver Ryan Millen, a technical consultant, expert climber and two professional veteran ice climbers and mountain guides. The idea behind this is that the people interesting in this model are the people who seek out new and adventurous activities to get the adrenaline pumping.

It was hoped that this billboard would encourage other brands jump on the band wagon with more creative advertisements on the great white way as in recent years the LED screens have been restricted to static images.

Although climbing buildings isn’t new to New York, doing so legally is a step in the right direction.

We're Talking About...

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We're Talking About...
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#RedCups, sled dogs and 90-foot selfie sticks.

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The Queen turns 90, Evian takes consumers virtual surfing and YouTube brings Coachella to the masses.