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Stand Out From The Crowd

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Create an idea and then make it happen... Film it and let the world see. It's a simple concept that works.

After thinking of a concept, this dancer films the creative idea to demonstrate his talents and get noticed. Choose to stand out in a market that is saturated with talent.

...and yes the dancer really was on the Great Wall of China

Great Dancing in Great Locations: Great Wall

Great Dancing in Great Locations: Coffee Break

TK Maxx

Giant Shopping lands in Glasgow

TK Maxx
Kommando have created an experiential campaign for TK Maxx to launch their latest flagship superstore.

Drama And Surprise

TV Channel Launch causes drama and surprise

Drama And Surprise
To launch their new TV channel, TNT placed a large red push button on a quiet square in a Belgium town. Next to the button was an invitation: "Push to add drama."