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Our Research On Airshows

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Whilst other media has suffered in the economic downturn, Air Shows are going from strength to strength.

Our research explains why Air Shows are the perfect experiential media channel - no other events can deliver the volume of audience.



Aviation is not part of people's everyday lives, but it seems to be a focal point for a deep admiration of British expertise and engineering at its best.

Air displays demonstrate military expertise and reflect national pride. They drive recruitment, charitable giving, maintain a living memorial, stimulate tourism and economic development and sometimes exist to generate multi-million pound sales and manufacturing profit.

Britain has a tremendous aviation heritage, which has shaped our history and place in the world; from the Spitfire which won the Battle of Britain, to the supersonic Concorde. These household names mask a quiet growth in UK aviation preservation and restoration; this creates a flourishing display scene.

as an experiential channel

Trader interest in certain venues has increased by 25% and reports show advanced ticket sales that are well up on last year. It appears that people value family days out in spite of harder economic realities but why are Air Shows the perfect experiential media channel?

  • No Other Events Deliver The Volume Of Audience That Air Shows Can- contact us for statistics >>
  • Longer dwell times
  • It’s a ‘must attend’ event by many
  • High sales on the day
  • Air shows are memorable, provoke high brand recall & they aren't cluttered with brands
  • Commonly organised well in advance which in turn passes savings onto brands

Contact us to view the full research, gain insight into the various types of shows suited to different brands and the key locations for experiential campaigns >>



Top; by Cpl. Austin Hazard,

Right; Geoff Spinks 2012 &


connect with your audiences & add value

Global brands are now focusing on generating personalised marketing campaigns using the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and producing truly unique marketing experiences for audiences.

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