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Real Radio deploys Kommando & PixAngels

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Kommando and PixAngels were recently deployed to promote Respect, Responsibility and Tolerance within Scottish Football.

The Scottish Communities League Cup is renowned for its passionate players and fans, resulting in much excitement, drama and surprises. This year the Scottish Government has backed the Scottish Communities League Cup to promote Respect, Responsibility and Tolerance in Scotland’s towns and cities to make a lasting difference and put the game back at the heart of communities as a uniting influence.

Real Radio teamed up with the Scottish Communities League Cup to gather 10,000 signatures in support of these values. In order to collect this amount of signatures and spread awareness in communities, Real Radio has been traveling around Scotland with the League Cup and have utilised the services of Kommando and the PixAngels, a patented photography/ social media service.

PixAngels have been a great hit with the public as well as Real Radio organisers, providing an easy and innovative way to magnify the campaign message. Real Radio have been one of the first clients to trial the new features of the PixAngels online service which includes increasing ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ for the brand as well as spreading the message through image uploads to popular social media channels.

Real Radio also pointed out that the awareness generated by PixAngels was a large factor in the success of the campaign, “We wanted to leave a lasting impression as well as generate interest at our events; the PixAngels were perfect for this. The framed photos ensured people engaging with us on the day got a tangible message to take home and the online gallery helped further spread the message through social media where people could share their photos with friends.”

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