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I, Daniel Blake

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Under the cover of darkness, using stealth and NomadiX Medias' iProjector, we brought the streets across the U.K to a standstill.

This latest guerrilla marketing incursion by Kommando used the power of outdoor projections to capture attention and get people talking about the launch of this year’s Palme d’Or winner; The powerful movie "I, Daniel Blake" by Ken Loach.

Keep an eye out for our newest projection...soon to be beaming onto one of the oldest building in Paisley!

If you are interested in Guerrilla Marketing Projections that deliver results for your next campaign, we'd love to hear from.


Experiential Campaigns

The Power of Experiential marketing

Experiential Campaigns
People are sharing their day-to-day experiences through a multitude of channels, and it is up to us to provide them with the opportunity to do this through our experiential campaigns.

Clean...and beam!

Clean City (Lei Cidade Limpa)

Clean...and beam!
Most people can walk past advertising and road signs and not bat an eyelid, meaning they take in only what’s necessary or essential for decision making – our unconscious mind will in most cases bring us to a stop or slow us around road junctions.



Google isn’t new to VR. Infact customers have already purchased their low-cost Cardboard VR headsets in the millions. These headsets turn just about any smartphone into a virtual reality device. So why have Google developed a new VR headset?