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More attractive than you think

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I just came across this campaign from last year but how could I have missed it! The campaign ‘More attractive than you think’ made good use of builder’s bums, putting them in a light which I have never seen before!

The campaign had an important message behind it, aimed at younger generations looking for employment in Germany.

‘More attractive than you think’ advertising was backed by the Government who wanted to encourage younger generations into a ‘hands-on career’. Photographers captured plumbers, builders and mechanics wearing specially designed T-shirts.

Shots of the various scenarios went viral and were instant hits across the web and social media. There was so much support and attention that followers were asking where they could buy their own t-shirt.

Photographer: Markus Mueller's

Back To Uni


Back To Uni
Kommando’s opinions, insight and experience came in useful when we were recently asked to present in front of Marketing students. The lecture centred around the impact that Entrepreneurs have on the world of Guerrilla Marketing.

AR Drones

Into Our Kool Box Goes...

AR Drones
Technology commonly used in ‘Stealth Drones’ has been adapted for consumer products. This now allows users to control products via their smartphone and similar gadgets, using Wi-Fi and cameras.

Research On Airshows


Research On Airshows
Whilst other media has suffered in the economic downturn, Air Shows are going from strength to strength. Our research explains why Air Shows are the perfect experiential media channel - no other events can deliver the volume of audience.