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Eat in Season

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The Government Funded Initiative, Eat In Season (Part of Greener Scotland), has begun!

For the second year running, Kommando has teamed up with Government appointed agency Story to carry out the field marketing campaign which educates consumers about in season produce.

The campaign lets consumers know what is in season for every month of the year and how simple in season produce can be included in their diets.

ABOUT THE campaign

There will be a nationwide tour of popular supermarkets and gardening stores and activity will be carried out over a 5 week period and visit 28 locations across Scotland.

The campaign raises awareness of in season produce and the benefits of buying/ consuming it. It promotes seasonal food as being better value for money, easier to obtain, tastes better and contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle! The campaign encourages this healthier lifestyle through a compelling message/ reason: Taste is the best reason to eat food in season.

The best bit is everyone gets to try out these great tastes and learn when and what produce is in season. The campaign tours around Scotland, handing out delicious and mouth watering samples, as well as providing the recipes and helpful tips/ information about in season produce. Everyone can discover the best ways to cook the produce and learn how to prepare in season dishes (including those they have sampled) using a range of fresh and seasonal produce.

The Scottish Government – Greener Scotland strategic objective

This campaign is part of a bigger initiative, called Greener Scotland, which hopes to achieve the Scottish Government’s climate change targets. To achieve these targets, the Scottish population needs to adopt more environmentally friendly behaviours, one of which is to buy and consume fresh and in season produce, as this will help improve Scotland’s environmental sustainability, economic growth and health and wellbeing.

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