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Kommando Captures Emotions

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Kommando Group introduces the Emotibox - the latest addition to our burgeoning technology portfolio.

Launched in January 2015 in Amsterdam and Berlin, the compact Emotibox uses wireless camera technology and unique software to capture audience data in real time.


Advanced facial detection software embedded within the Emotibox counts the number of people in a designated area, and profiles the audience into age and gender brackets. Not only is the Emotibox capable of counting and profiling an audience, it can also identify different facial expressions, mapping smiles and other features including puzzlement and disappointment. It is then possible to activate specific digital content based on the prevailing audience demographic/emotion at any one time.


Reports generated by the Emotibox are remotely accessible, allowing clients and management teams to monitor campaigns as they happen, through a dashboard of detailed reports. The behaviour of promotional staff/management of an event can subsequently be altered as a result of this real-time reporting.


Mark Evans, CEO of Kommando Group, explained: "With the Emotibox, we can now accurately map the emotional impact of consumer engagement and identify staff training needs in real time, giving our clients immediate access to data which can influence the remainder of a campaign roll-out."

“The ability to split an audience into different demographics is of great value during marketing campaigns, as it allows clients to track progress and ensure that the impressions gained are those from within the target audience.”

With interested parties in the USA, and patents pending, the Emotibox is a first for the UK market, and adds another invaluable string to Kommando’s experiential bow.


A by-product of second – screeing

We explore “Meerkatting”, when a campaign has the ability to make a person sit up and pay attention despite the additional noise demanding their attention.


Working Together

Clients no longer expect to be told what they should be buying. They know what they want and they expect brands to accommodate. Why not use this opportunity to build a close relationship with your customers and co-create together.