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Kommando and Strathclyde Police "Break the Circle of Violence"

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Kommando are working with Strathclyde Police and world-wide renowned DJ and MC, Mallorca Lee in a campaign to "Break the Circle of Violence".

As an integrated approach, Kommando have created an engaging digital and social media campaign built to engage with a particular youth audience in and around Glasgow.

Launching at Scotland's biggest dance music event, Coloursfest, held at Braehead Arena last weekend, 10,000 dance music fans were treated to a sneak preview of the exclusively produced Mallorca Lee track and "Break the Circle of Violence" viral video, only available through Bebo, YouTube and campaign social networking pages. Youths attending Coloursfest were sent Bluetooth messaging direct to their mobile phones offering a free download of the Mallorca Lee mix and were shown an exclusive preview of the "Break the Circle of Violence" video on overhead NomadiX digital LED screens, roaming the arena. Complimenting this, traditional 6 sheet posters were used with the call to action "Turn On Your Bluetooth".

Targeting youths aged 13-19 years old the campaign creative encourages youths who are affected by violence or gang culture to understand the long lasting effects and consequences of gang life. Kommando have produced an engaging viral video, showcasing a group of youths loitering on the streets, drinking and coming face to face with gang violence. Ending the viral video, a very real realisation, showcasing a memorial scene.

Created especially for social media, a Bebo site has been built with a Facebook site to follow, where friends will have access to exclusive video and mp3 downloads from Mallorca Lee and share their own experiences and stories having been affected by gang-culture.

Gillian Main, Marketing Manager for Strathclyde Police said, "As part of our ongoing campaign to reduce gang related violence we've worked closely with Kommando to target our message online where we know our audience socialise and communicate. We recognise that social media and music are at the heart of young people's lives and this makes it the ideal platform for our hard hitting campaign messages. With the support of DJ Mallorca Lee we were able to better engage with these young people and to tmake the information more relevant to them. The feedback has been very positive and we hope that by continuing to look for innovative and relevant ways of communicating, our message is getting through and in time will have an impact on reducing gang violence".

Find "Break the Circle of Violence" on Bebo >>

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