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Karl Lagerfeld's Sells Out Online

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Karl Lagerfeld's new collection has sold out online as pop-up shops are revealed...

Earlier in the week we mentioned in our blog the mania surrounding Karl Lagerfeld’s highly anticipated new collection, Lagerfeld has finally revealed his rock-inspired range of leather collars, sparkly dresses, silver shoes and crisp white shirts at a five new pop-up stores.

The range of clothing is at a fraction of the price consumers would normally pay for Lagerfeld garments: No item costs more than £1000 with affordable finger gloves available to purchase for £50. This may still be very expensive for many but the high quality of the materials guarantees long-lasting use.There was one big differenece with these pop up stores: They did not contain any clothes, instead, consumers were introduced to a non conventional way of buying clothes via smart phones and iPads. Customers queued next to the stores and were given the chance to scan pictures of the clothes they liked with the above-mentioned devices in order to buy the products online.

Most of the collection (which went on sale yesterday) has sold out! Items can be purchased via Net-A-Porter!

Many famous designers are following this cut-price trend, such as designer Versace’s collection for H&M, but no one has caused quite hysteria, giving consumers a chance to experience Karlmania and follow the mysterious investigation into the disappearance of Lagerfeld’s new collection.

Lagerfeld’s controversial cut-price range has upset many who have always aspired to own the designers prestigious collections. A once unattainable brand for many, but since yesterday a lot of consumers have been able to get hold of designs created by Lagerfeld. Fans shouldn't worry too much becasue the range is by no means cheap: The new collection included £980 snakeskin-effect leather jackets!

Lagerfeld commented: “I just want not-too-expensive clothes that people may like and perhaps want to wear….That was my concept for a long time, but my business partners in the past wanted to be like Chanel or Fendi without putting behind what is needed to be like that.”

Take a look at Karl Lagerfeld’s New Collection >>

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