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Guerrilla marketing is an advertisement strategy concept designed for businesses to promote their brand in an unconventional and memorable way, all with little budget to spend.

Check out some of our guerrilla campaigns, as an example. Each one is a memorable campaign, which is what guerrilla marketing is all about!

Consider the Return on Investment (ROI) potential, guerrilla marketing has got to be worth a try.

Here is a couple of ideas to get your guerrilla campaign off the ground.


Guerrilla Marketing is a way of viewing the world around us, and identifying advertising opportunities that are above and beyond what is perceived as "ordinary".

Light up your marketing campaign with the of NomadiX Media iProjector. These super-bright projections can illuminate your brand when used as part of a guerrilla advertising campaign.

Projections create an instant impact, and thanks to the iProjectors mobility, it can be reactional to where the consumers move. iProjector was designed to cut through and capture attention on the move. It provodes a great shock factor, or for use on time restricted campaigns.

PR Stunts

Get people talking by using the intriguing or the plain outrageous to draw attention to your brand or product launch, for the right reasons!

Positioning and organisation is key to a PR stunt. For example, when we were tasked to create a stir for EMAP 1Nation, Kommando devised a special build 10ft 1Nation figure - placed outside leading media buyers offices - surrounding the area were props and actors to give the effect of a large 1Nation sign that had fallen out the sky and smashed through the ground!

The stunt resulted in a substantial ROI for the brand: the sale of advertising campaigns; wider recognition of the 1Nation brand and longer term positioning of the 1Nation brand.

Another PR stunt we commissioned to do, was to create a campaign which would launch Superdrug’s new flagship store in High Street Kensington, provoking a reaction and changing consumer behavior by leading traffic away from competitors and in-store.

A guerrilla marketing campaign ensured massive impact and raised large scale awareness of Superdrug’s presence in the area. Kommando street teams carried out an overnight transformation of Kensington High Street with custom builds with the contents of a lady’s make-up bag including appearances from giant eye shadows, tweezers and nail files.

Ultimately, you need to work out where your target audience are and create a strategy that works for that medium (whether it be a guerrilla campaign or PR stunt). Focus on what they need, what's the best way to reach them and how to inspire interactivity.

Got a guerrilla project you'd like to chat about? We'd love to hear from you.

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