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Highland Spring "Best Seat in the House"

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Kommando and our staffing division working with Multiply, have just completed filming for Highland Spring's "Best Seat in the House" campaign. Fifty of Kommando's brand ambassadors bounced into Liverpool Street Station in London with inflatable branded tennis ball seats strapped to their bodies.

Forming part of Highland Spring's newest campaign and brand alliance with tennis superstar Andy Murray, the staff were filmed in character profile walking and integrating with the footfall at Liverpool Street train station with the branded tennis ball chairs strapped to their backs, others were filmed sitting down on the concourse on the branded seats reading a newspaper, chatting with friends or sipping a coffee.

The "Best Seat in the House" creative sets to award consumers of Highland Spring Water with promotional merchandise related to tennis such as inflatable tennis ball branded seats, branded picnic blankets, branded tri-pod seats and branded cushions offering consumers the "Best Seat in the House" regardless of where they are at any given time.

Complimenting filming, Kommando brand ambassadors dressed in tennis uniforms and caps distributed free samples of the Highland Spring water to London footfall outside of the station.

Showcasing via social networking sites, Twitter and YouTube the viral campaign shot for online viewing is now live.

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