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The Dangers Of Second-Hand Smoke

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Kommando Group is working with the Government to bring to life its campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of second-hand smoke.

As part of the Government's current second-hand smoke social marketing campaign, Kommando has taken charge of a 42-date national field marketing campaign which will take the second-hand smoke message to towns and local communities.

Kommando is working in conjunction with advertising agency Story UK.

Mark Evans, the industry expert and key influencer who established Kommando Group 14 years ago, said: "We have significant experience in planning campaigns for major clients and the Government's brief relates to a really worthwhile message.

”Effects of second-hand smoke can have serious consequences on child’s health and in fact every year, 9,500 children in Britain are admitted to hospital because of it. Our task is to make parents aware of the dangers they are putting their children in if they smoke in their homes or in their cars and to advise them how they can protect their kids by ‘taking it right outside’.

“The tour employs the very latest techniques in augmented reality - computer-generated sensory input - to drive home the message around the invisible danger of second-hand smoke.”

Kommando’s team invites the public to step into a living room which looks completely smoke-free, but then fills with computer-generated chemicals when viewed through a tablet.

Through the screen, the public are also able to see the harmful effects these chemicals can have on children’s lung health as the second-hand smoke lingers.

The campaign is also supported by second-hand smoke advisers who will provide in-depth advice and support at each event.

Jacqueline McMillan, account director at Kommando said: "Augmented reality is one of the most exciting technologies around, it bridges the gap between the real world and digital information systems. We felt the technology was the best way to bring the invisible to life creating a memorable and educational experience.

"It’s a hard-hitting and important message, but the concept provides an immersive and engaging way to reach our audience and hopefully initiate consideration, that will lead to behaviour change."

Jill Walker, for the Government said: "From research, we know that our target audience already think they are taking the necessary steps to protect their kids from second-hand smoke by not smoking in front of them, or opening the window as they smoke in another room. In reality pervasive second hand smoke lingers for hours and moves from room to room. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Augmented reality has brought the harmful effects to life and will really encourage parents to think before they light up indoors again.”


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