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Google... please hire m.e.!

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When Matthew Epstein set his sights on a job within Google’s product marketing team he knew he would have to think up something a bit different to get himself noticed - queue a carefully planned and executed guerrilla marketing campaign

Now, we have seen public appeals for employment with Google before, but none of which achieved the same success and Epstein’s. After spending a month plotting his strategy, he launched the ultimate in self-promotion through a blog post on his own domain and a new website at (complete with testimonials, YouTube video, interview request form and a link to his online resume).

The results were outstanding and although he as yet hasn’t been hired by Google, (last we heard) he shared the following stats which were recorded just 36 hours after launch:

Over 4,000 Facebook Likes, 3,000 tweets and 1,500 Google +1s (up from 150 Likes, 80 tweets/retweets, and 20 Google +1s on day one) 50+ job interview offers 400 LinkedIn profile views and 150+ requests to connect

Read more and see the video here >>

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