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Experiential Christmas

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For those who want something more from a Christmas campaign than an emotionally intense advert, these Experiential Christmas marketing campaigns are for you.

It's a unique take on attracting customers, it relies on creativity to capture attention and word of mouth.

From a beer-dispensing Christmas tree to a Christmas projection, there is plenty to get inspired by here.

Carlsberg: Beer Christmas tree

Carlsberg has been the undisputed king of experiential marketing in recent years, and clearly it wanted to live up to that title with its 2015 Christmas campaign.

Everyone remembers ‘the best poster in the world’, and what better way to follow it up than with a beer-dispensing Christmas tree?

That’s exactly what Carlsberg did, erecting a 27ft tree at London’s South Bank complete with beer bottle baubles and a pump for dispensing free lager and topped with an enormous beer hop.

TGI Fridays: virtual dog sledge ride

Virtual reality is becoming increasingly commonplace in all industries, and it naturally lends itself extremely well to experiential marketing. Google have just recently launched Daydream to compete in the VR commercial market.

TGI Fridays offered its customers the chance to go on a fully immersive and thoroughly festive 360-degree sled ride through Lapland via a virtual reality headset. And all without actually leaving their dining table.

The campaign was devised after the restaurant chain found 43% of Britons vote Lapland as their perfect Christmas holiday destination.

NomadiX Media Christmas Projections

Their projections provide a cutting edge visual effects and interactive experiences for events, attractions, ambient media, Guerrilla marketing and corporate environments.

The mobile technology is particularly useful for generating mass media attention thanks to the high quality engaging content and ability to pop up anywhere around the cities, in key locations.

Their recent campaigns include: Twin Atlantic, Ken Loach’ “I’ Daniel Blake” and Edinburgh Dungeon.

PixAngels Roaming Christmas Events

In addition to the core roaming & wearable PixAngels service, they have recently enhanced their offering to include bespoke, themed and branded backdrops and props to create a truly immersive photographic experience for guests.

As well as mingling and capturing moments during the drinks reception, at tables or on the dancefloor, this inclusive and open-air alternative to a conventional photo booth invites larger groups to be photographed whilst onlookers are also involved in the fun.

If a brand event stirs genuine positive emotions within people then they are more likely to associate those emotions with that brand, which is more effective than just showing the consumer an ad.

Check out our Top 10 Technologies to use in your next experiential campaign.

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Experiential Technologies


Experiential Technologies
The premise of an experiential campaign is to create a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable can help bridge this gap.