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Clean Graffiti from Kommando

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Reverse Graffiti has been doing the rounds for a few years now, yet there is still a grey area over its legality.

Also known as Clean Graffiti, the temporary and environmentally friendly effect is achieved by removing dirt from a surface to create an advertisement. So, can people really be charged for what is effectively cleaning?Many companies have employed this format of advertising with no legal action, yet a Yorkshire Reverse Graffiti artist known as “Moose” was faced with prosecution by Leeds City Council who insisted his work for Smirnoff was illegal because all advertisers need a permit.

In some locations reverse graffiti is against the law, covered by the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, but it can be difficult to find accurate information and research on the internet fails to “clean” up the issue.

Without the right advice and operational insight you could end up facing costly or embarrassing criminal proceedings; to avoid this always speak to the professionals, contact us today>>

TK Maxx

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