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Surreal Stunt Uses Commuters Dressed Head-To-Toe In White

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The London Evening Standard reported a “surreal sight of Tube passengers clad head to toe in white,” and that's exactly what it was.

Dulux were the company behind the bizzare scenes, claiming the activity is part of a study which suggests people in the city are shying away from using bright colours in their everyday lives. Brits have apparently been ditching bright colours for sand, grey and black since the 1990s.

The paint specialist turned heads in various tube stations with their group of 'colourless' passengers. The faceless commuters have also been seen flagging down a bus, while bland city workers are snapped leaving tower blocks.

The pictures are said to depict a colourless future in London, with commuters donning all white to show no individual personality.

Marianne Shillingford, Dulux creative director said "We add more colour when we are off duty as a celebration of freedom and an expression of individuality.

If we could turn up the colour dial in every aspect of our lives, the sense of liberation would feel like a revolution - without colour life would be devastation.”

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