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Viral Marketing by VW

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Remember when Volkswagen cleverly used Star Wars for their Super Bowl commercial? After achieving great success with this memorable advert they have created another attention grabbing ad for the 2012 Super Bowl.

So far VW's post has generated: 62,830 likes and been viewed by 9,316,007.

This year’s Super Bowl sees New York Giants compete against New England Patriots and Volkswagen is bringing Star Wars back into the limelight for their big Super Bowl spot. The brand has released a teaser commercial which features a ‘canine choir’ centre stage and barking a familiar tune. The teaser has been named “The Bark Side 2012 Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial Teaser” and the barks follow the melody of 'The Imperial March' from The Empire Strikes Back. Aside from singing the canines are quite amusing to watch while they are on the set, a set which has been created to resemble the Rebel Blockade Runner that Princess Leia used to escape from the Empire with the Death Star plans.

Some of the dogs have been transformed into Star Wars characters and dressed as Wicket the Ewok, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and lastly the great Darth Vader.

Volkswagen has said 'The Bark Side' will air during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5.

Volkswagen have commented about the release of the video: “A canine chorus barks a familiar tune. Keep an eye out for our 2012 Game Day commercial—it will all make sense. Love Star Wars and Volkswagen?”

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