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Nestle's Baristas In The Buff Take Over Manhattan Cafe

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What better way is there to convince consumers that Nestlé’ Coffee Mate’s “all natural” coffee creamer is just that, than with “all natural” baristas?

In April, the brand took over an unassuming Lower Manhattan coffee shop, re-named it “Natural Bliss Cafe” and camped out in the basement analysing the cafe’s daily clientele as they dropped in for their usual (not today!) morning coffee. Not only were customers being offered a new creamer with their complimentary brew, but the new staff members serving them were completely naked, made to look like they were dressed through the skilful use of body paint. The paint was so well done that it took some customers a few minutes to realise that the person on the other side of the counter was a barista in the buff.

Generally, shock marketing activations are conducted in much busier, high footfall locations for maximum exposure. However this stunt was all part of a plan to string together the best moments of the morning into an entertaining and hopefully viral video ad.

Looking to target the ever-elusive Millennial market, Nescafe are optimistic that this digital campaign will encourage a younger audience to “look closer” at the product and share the minute and a half campaign video across social media. Coffee creamer usually isn’t something that people put a lot of thought into, so Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss’s natural qualities posed a unique opportunity to make some noise and attract a generation increasingly concerned with their health and the environment.

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