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Ariel Fashion Shoot

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This is a fun experiential marketing campaign with a nice social media tie in from Ariel…

Appearing for one week (from 29th August – 3rd September) a specially built glass box was constructed in the waiting hall of Stockholm Central Station. Passers by could watch as clothes, which were hung on a washing line, moved around the box and were hit with ketchup, drinking chocolate and lingonberry jam.

The clever part becomes clear when it is revealed that the industrial robot responsible for firing the condiments is controlled by Facebook users, in real time. Participants who visited the bespoke custom Facebook page were invited to aim, stain and win whatever they hit. The stained garment was then sent to the player once it was washed on-site with Ariel Actilift.

TK Maxx

Giant Shopping lands in Glasgow

TK Maxx
Kommando have created an experiential campaign for TK Maxx to launch their latest flagship superstore.

Drama And Surprise

TV Channel Launch causes drama and surprise

Drama And Surprise
To launch their new TV channel, TNT placed a large red push button on a quiet square in a Belgium town. Next to the button was an invitation: "Push to add drama."